Terms of use

Claims on the quality of the goods are accepted within 24 hours of receipt of goods.Claims submitted later will not be considered:


The following documents are required for raising a claim with us


  1. 1. Take a photo showing the problem.

    • For the problem with a long stem and bud size ; take the photo against the ruler.
    • For the problem of shortage – Take the photos of all boxes in one photograph and request clearing agent to give you documentation confirming the number of boxes.
    • Problem-quality photos in a place where you can see the problem as well as photograph the flowers (one photo) associated with this problem.


  3. 2. Take a picture box, which will be visible label with the number of AWB.

  5. 3. Take a photo of boxes, which will be visible sticker plantations with your label.


Please pay your attention!


Our company is not responsible for the transportation of the Netherlands.

We deliver flowers to Amsterdam, and convey the necessary information, “Van De Put,” the loading of your cargo on the right truck (according to information received from you).