Shipping and packing



We are working with many farms in Kenya, you have the opportunity to order roses from different farms. We in turn, ensure that the flowers are delivered in our cold rooms and packed into the boxes as per your request. At this moment we are using only one kind of boxes. Dimensions are: 100 x 40 x 25 cm, but soon we hope to use also other kind of boxes.


Approximate number of roses in the box:


Single head roses


40 cm – 420 stems

50 cm – 360 stems

60 cm – 320 stems

70 cm – 260 stems

80 cm – 200 stems


Spray roses


40 cm – 260 stems

50 cm – 220 stems

60 cm – 200 stems

70 cm – 160 stems

80 cm – 140 stems


Number of boxes on pallets – 30 pcs


Approximate weight of a full box – 20 kg


Volume Weight – 16.6 kg


*Please note that the final amount in a specific box may vary depending on the season, the farm, the varieties and lengths of roses requested.




Flowers are delivered from the farms to the cold room at the Nairobi International Airport. The Flowers are then stored in modern cold rooms with continuous temperature control. Shipment is loaded on airline pallets and delivered to Amsterdam, or any other destination. On arrival in Amsterdam, a transit customs and transfer cargo Company, Van De Put transfers the cargo to the trucks according to your instructions. At the time the shipments from Nairobi are made on Mondays, and Thursday, but in case you reach a minimum of 200 kg, we can ship the flowers on any day of the week.


*Air freight rates may fluctuate periodically depending on the time of year and the situation with the fuel on world markets.